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Two ways to distinguish the quality of welding rod from that of unqualified weld

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1. A Simple Method for Inspecting the Quality of Electrodes
_The actual weld inspection is to check the quality of the electrodes through the actual weld. The quality of the electrodes is good. The arc combustion is very stable during welding. The welding cores and coating melt evenly, spatter is very little, the weld is well formed and slag removal is easy.
(2) Testing the strength of coating, the electrode is lifted one meter high and falls freely on the smooth thick steel plate. If the coating does not fall off, it proves that the strength of coating meets the quality requirements.
(3) Appearance inspection shows that the coating surface should be smooth and delicate, without pore and mechanical damage, coating not eccentric, and welding cores not corroded.
_Physical and chemical inspection, when welding important weldments, chemical analysis and mechanical properties of weld metal should be carried out to check the quality of welding rod.
2. Method of identifying deterioration of welding rod
(1) Place the electrodes in the palm of your hand and roll with each other. If they make a crisp metal sound, they are dry electrodes, and if there is a low rustle, they are damp electrodes.
(2) Short-circuit the electrode in the welding circuit for several seconds. If there are granular spots on the surface of the coating, the electrode will be damped.
(3) There are often rust marks on the cores of damp electrodes.
(5) For thick coat electrodes, slow bending to 120 degrees, such as large coatings falling off or no cracks on the coating surface, are damp electrodes. After light bending, dry electrodes have a small brittle crack sound, and continue to bend to 120 degrees. Small cracks appear on the tension side of the coat.
(5) When welding, if the coating falls off in blocks or produces a large amount of water vapor, it means that the damped electrode, if the coating falls off, should be scrapped. Although damped, it is not serious. There are slight rust spots in the cores of the general electrode which can be used after drying. The quality of the welding can be basically guaranteed, but for the low hydrogen electrode used in important engineering, it can not be used after rusting.铜吉祥坊官方网站首页,Copper Welding Rods,铝吉祥坊官方网站首页,alumi



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