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Reporters come to the company for interviews

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Recently, the reporter came to Tongling Golden Eagle Mine 5 Copper-based Welding Materials Co., Ltd. located in Yian Economic Development Zone. In the newly built 6580 square meters workshop, the reporter saw that the machines for producing new materials of copper and aluminium were arranged neatly, the workers were debugging, and other electricians, welders and construction workers were busy in their respective positions.

"What you see now is a new copper and aluminium material industry project with an annual output of 20,000 tons, which is divided into one and two phases. The first phase of the project started in March this year. The installation progress of the production machines required for the project has reached 50%. It is expected that all the machines will be installed by the end of April and trial production by the beginning of May." Zhao Tongguo, general manager of the company, told reporters as he carefully examined the various processes.

Tongling Golden Eagle Mine Copper-based Welding Material Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of Tongling Hengyuan Copper Material Co., Ltd., Beijing Golden Eagle Mine Welding Material Co., Ltd. and Beijing Mineral Sichuang Welding Material Co., Ltd., which was established on September 14, 2018. The company is a production-oriented high-tech enterprise integrating production, R&D and sales. It invests 240 million yuan in the construction and production of copper alloy solders, CU-AG solders, chromium-zirconium-copper plates and other multi-purpose copper and copper alloy solders. After the completion of the project, 20,000 tons of new copper and aluminium materials can be produced annually, with a production value of 1 billion yuan.

It is understood that welding materials refer to the general term of consumed materials during welding, such as electrodes, wires, metal powder, flux, gas, etc. Tongling Jinying Mine Copper-based Welding Materials Co., Ltd. produces welding products with copper as the material. Copper-based alloy solders are widely used in automobile, metallurgy, shipping, aviation, power, petroleum and electronics industries because of their low melting point, small welding deformation and excellent corrosion resistance.

"At present, the main products in China's welding material industry are manual electrodes, and the degree of automation is still very low. Therefore, I firmly believe that in the future, the development of China's welding material products will be gradually replaced by high-efficiency and high-quality products with higher automation. The manual welding rod products will gradually develop towards the direction of high strength, high toughness, low hydrogen and environmental protection, so as to meet the different welding technology requirements of different varieties, different welding structures and different service conditions. Zhao Tongguo told reporters that the company owns advanced production and testing equipment such as Spark Direct Reading Spectrometer in Germany. The products of the company will be sold at home and abroad after the project is completed. Among them, foreign market accounts for 55% and domestic market accounts for 45%.

Zhao Tongguo, a Beijing native, talked about the reason why he settled his business in Tongling. He told reporters: "Tongling is known as the capital of ancient Chinese copper and the base of contemporary copper. In the field of copper products, Tongling has absolute advantages. At the same time, I have many friends in Tongling. The company can cooperate and develop with the support of friends.

"Quality is always the foundation of an enterprise. Only with quality can there be a market. Only by ensuring product quality, the road of development of the company will be wider and wider." Zhao Tongguo told reporters that since its inception, the company has served the society with the purpose of "quality first, abide by reputation". In the future, the company will continue to focus on quality first, improve and strengthen the core products of enterprises, and expand sales channels. At the same time, we should further increase investment scale, expand production capacity, achieve large-scale development, and strive to make greater achievements in the field of copper and copper alloy welding materials. (Wen/Wanlun Wang Fuleitu/Mei Jianguang)



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